Teemyco Office at Backoffice Abroad

Online Remote Worker Agency, Argentina.

Great to be able to chat to you today Yian! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the company you work for?

My name’s Yian Millan, I’m the business development manager of Backoffice Abroad. The company is about two and half years old and we are based in Argentina because of the amount of quality talent that can be found here.

We are a 10 people team that is constantly growing and always looking for ways to improve, since we are working remotely, interactions become something key to be able to work effectively. That said, Teemyco has turned into a really powerful tool to bring us together.

Has the pandemic had an impact on your business? What has that been like for you guys?

Backoffice Abroad grew inside pandemic times, from the very beginning the idea was to create a safe environment for other companies to keep improving and growing in spite of what the world was going through.

After the idea was established, it became clear that the biggest issue we were going to face was communication. Surprisingly, we were able to easily overcome this situation by bringing a virtual office to the table, that’s when Teemyco comes to play.

I do miss the regular interaction with the other members and all the advantages that come along with it, still, I do believe the future feels more remote friendly than ever!

Has using a virtual office shaped how you interact together as a team?

This digital office has re-built the concept of how we can interact with the other members of the company. The simple act of joining and being able to do your daily duties while talking and engaging in other topics makes the working routine more natural and more flexible.

So being apart, how do you go about building relationships and culture with your teammates?

Through everyday activities! When you have the opportunity to share your objectives with others, look for strategies, listen to advice, and even when you want to make a joke, you are creating bonds and I’d like to think our culture reflects that.

Our culture is mainly focused on very professional and strong relationships with our teammates along with robust and consistent communication. This brings the best out of every member and allows moments for everyone to shine and grow organically.

What features of Teemyco do you find the most useful now? What kinds of features would you like to see in the future?

The office system and the customization are two of the bigger features we use. We started with extra offices and now we had to create more!

In general, the resources Teemyco has to offer as well as the freedom to use them are factors that make a very good experience, however a messaging system that allows you to contact anyone in spite of the office we are in would be a great asset to have.

Do you see the workplace changing in the future? What do you think will be the big changes in your industry?

I definitely do. I firmly believe the world will become more and more flexible until remote working will be a choice and for others a lifestyle.

This will open the door for offshoring companies like us. Globalization is a term that is going to be more spoken and at the same time, enterprises will be more open to engage with other businesses like Backoffice Abroad to have offshored teams who bring great value and results.

So, do you see online programmers improving to incorporate your industry?

One important factor is technology, here is where programmers take place. The fact that we can share IT talent to other companies to create new tools and systems shows how Backoffice Abroad is also helping to develop the remote world and breaking those thoughts and doubts people have when it comes to offshoring.

Finally, can you tell us about one big change that has come about in your working life since you started using Teemyco, and what that has meant for you and your team?

I was skeptical about Teemyco, we used other online offices, but we weren’t able to make a good experience from them. It wasn’t until we started using Teemyco that we realized how amazing the office is. From the moment we started using it, the whole team effortlessly started joining more and more time and now, everyone loves it!

Teemyco has been able to show us how far we have come in the industry and the fact that we keep growing and we are still creating more offices for newcomers goes to show how much this system has grown on us!

Thank you so much Yian!

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