Broadweb Digital, Melbourne.

3 min readJul 25, 2022

Venkatesh (Venks) Kanchan is a Director & Principal Consultant at BroadWeb Solutions.

Broadweb Digital Office

BroadWeb Digital is a digital agency I founded in 2015. We are a 100% remote company with practically every employee in a different city across Australia and India. At the moment, we are 8 of us who come together on Teemyco to deliver quality digital solutions to our clients all around the world.

We were fully remote long before the pandemic hit which made it not too different from routine over the last couple of years. The decision to not have a physical office was a conscious one as it allowed us to be more flexible and cost-effective to clients with very low overheads without compromising on quality. Thankfully, we have found that clients are now increasingly comfortable working remotely too with their vendors given they were forced to operate in that mode during the pandemic. It is a more eco-friendly way of working as well given less people are out and about travelling for work.

We discovered and started using Teemyco in September 2021 while looking for a way to recreate a physical environment virtually — one where we would not need to share meeting links multiple times during the day to get on a call, and one where we’d know when someone is available or away from their desk. We evaluated a number of virtual office tools but zeroed in on Teemyco due to its generous free tier, call quality, customisability and the overall user experience. We found that inviting external stakeholders to calls was a breeze with Teemyco compared to Google Meet where our clients were required to login first with a Google account — something not all clients had or wanted to.

Amongst a number of features, the co-working desk space in Teemyco has been particularly useful and something our team has enjoyed as it makes them more accessible to each other.

We kick off our day with a daily standup meeting at the same time where we work through the progress made the previous day and the next set of priorities. After this meeting, the team members are free to get together in various meeting rooms or the co-working desk to collaborate on specific projects.

Teemyco meets all of our current requirements but if we had to ask for one more thing, it would be some sort of chat functionality like Slack within Teemyco so our team members do not need to use a separate chat software.

We believe the future of work is going to be even more distributed and people would physically travel for work only by choice, not necessity.

Overall, Teemyco has made our employees feel more like a team which has been a big plus and the use of such virtual office technology has given us the edge too, I’d say, over competitors who may struggle to work effectively remotely without something like it.

Thank you Venks!

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