InverGroup is a worldwide Investment and Consulting Group with HQ in Brazil

3 min readMar 22, 2022

Mario Ruiz is a Customer Success Manager

Online office at InverGroup

Great to meet you Mario! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team?

Thanks! I’m Mario Ruiz and I am in charge of the marketing strategy for InverGroup.

The company started in 2015. The main office is in Miami and the rest of us (15 in total) are spread out across Mexico, El Salvador and Spain. We interact and stay in touch using Teams, Teemyco and WhatsApp.

How do you guys operate?

We’re remote and have interacted online, via emails and apps since the company started.

Does your team like being able to work remotely?

They do like it. They miss each other however it’s not a big deal because we are super used to staying connected in this way!

How has using Teemyco shaped how you interact with your team-members and externals?

It has made interaction much easier and instant. No more links or invites, we just go to our teammates rooms. So in a word it would be Immediateness.

How do you build relationships and culture with your teammates when working remotely? Is this important to you guys?

It’s super important for us!

We have a “meeting” every Friday where we talk about topics not directly related to work. Sometimes somebody makes a presentation of something they like or think is interesting for the team.

What is the best hack you have found for working online?

Taking a quick break every hour helps so much to recharge inner power and focus.

What features of Teemyco would you like to see in the future?

I’m definitely glad to hear that there’s a mobile app on the way, I think this will be super useful for the guys on our team.

We would love Teemyco chat! And I mean a full chat feature, that means not only text but images, GIF, stickers, something like Teams.

I was thinking if there should be a “knocking on door” option that could be toggled ON or OFF by users as an option. We have some teammates that work by themselves in a single room, so getting to their room and starting to talk may be considered a bit intrusive by some.

How do you see online programmes improving to accommodate your industry?

The future is definitely online in our industry and all the industries. There are other companies like us (competitors) that are 100% online. Plus, the more mobile it is, it will be easier for coworkers, customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders to be communicating

Finally, can you tell us about one big change that has come about in your working life since you started using Teemyco?

Immediateness, as I mentioned. No more excuses! I go to your room like in real life, and you are there to start talking whatever we need to.

Thank you Mario!

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